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At Spring Hill High School music sessions are available at the post 16 provision. Students have the opportunity to engage in instrumental lessons which are taught from the individual's current point of access. The school offers an NCFE Certificate in Performance Skills using Music. The qualification aims to:

  • Develop learners' skills in performance with a view to progression towards further qualifications;
  • Help learners to acquire and develop fundamental practical skills, and focus on learners' performance ability by developing their critical awareness;
  • Focus on practical skills and provides an opportunity to develop skills relating to the performance industry.

The course includes 120 guided learning hours and is an ideal qualification for learners who wish to obtain underpinning knowledge of processes and principles of performance skills. The course allows Students to explore aspects of music that they are interested in and encourages creativity through an emphasis on practical work.



The NCFE Levels 1 and 2 Certificate in Performance Skills using Music are internally assessed. Each candidate is required to create a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates achievement of all learning outcomes associated with each unit.


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Music Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4 & 5

QCF NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Performance Skills using Music

  Term   Subject content
  Autumn 1  

Preparing performing arts work.

  • Students learn about the processes and stages involved in the preparation of a performing arts work.
  Autumn 2  

Develop Performance Skills

  • Students learn how to develop a practice routine to develop skills in their chosen art form. They learn about the importance of critical reflection in order to develop their musicianship.
  Spring 1  

Exploring music performance skills

  • Students learn how take part in preparation for a solo or group music performance.
  Spring 2  

Exploring music performance skills

  • Students learn how to develop musical style and accuracy, using music skills in performance.
  Summer 1  

Students can choose between

  • Exploring technical support for stage performance
  • Exploring design skills for performing arts
  • Promoting a performing arts event
  • Working in the performing arts industry/ professional development
  Summer 2  

Taking part in a performance

  • Students get the opportunity to bring together all of the skills they have learned throughout the academic year to take part in the school talent show. They will take part in group performance activities and preparation as well as solo performance activities.


QCF NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Performance Skills using Music

  Term   Subject content
  Autumn 1  

Demonstrate and develop technique for performance.

  • Students are expected to be able to assess and evaluate their current level of skill in their chosen art form. They will work on recognising strengths and weaknesses and devising strategies to improve their skill.
  Autumn 2  

Develop technique for performance through practice skills.

  • Students will learn how to develop action plans and schedules to acquire new skills. They will be expected to explain how participation in practice sessions can improve skills. Students will learn how to evaluate their present level of skill.
  Spring 1  

Develop rehearsal skills.

  • Students will research, investigate and plan a rehearsal schedule and rehearse performance material using technical skills.
  Spring 2  

Develop performance skills.

  • Students will learn to perform material using technical and performance skills. They will learn how to sustain their concentration, demonstrate projection, demonstrate timing and engage the audience.
  Summer 1  

Developing as a musical performer

  • Students will learn about the importance of health and wellbeing. They will learn about the importance of developing an image and style as a performer. They will create an individual image and style for their own performance.
  Summer 2  

Creating a performance of style and imagination that is appropriate for their chosen material.

  • Students will get the opportunity to take part in and prepare for the school talent show where they will have the opportunity to showcase their performance work.