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Our School counsellors


At Spring Hill High School our school counsellors work with students and parents/carers to help guide students' academic, behavioral and social growth.




Rebecca Kearns

Counsellor /
Learning Support
Assistant (LSA)

(Level 3) Counselling Skills and Theory;
(Level 3) Mental Health,
(Level 4) Integrative Counselling-awaiting results

Gary Anderson

Counsellor /
Life Skills Coach

Integrated Counsellor (Level 4)

Terence Powell

counsellor /
Leader of Thoughts of Others Support Group /
Learning Support assistant (LSA)

Diploma in Cross Cultural Counselling




There is always someone willing to spend time with you.”
Year 9 student 2016


Counseling Sessions

“Every staff member makes it their priority to keep us safe and there are many staff members that go the extra mile .”
Year 11 student 2017


Counseling for students

As required, there is continued counseling throughout the duration of the student's education at Spring Hill High School. All counsellors work with the school, with the exception of Gary Anderson the Life Skills Coach, in a dual role where they work both as a counsellor and a Learning Support Assistant (LSA). This dual role creates opportunity for indirect support throughout the school day. Where direct support is needed a request can be made by the student, parents/carers, Deputy Headteacher or the Headteacher. Signed consent must be given by an individual with parental responsibility before the start of direct counselling sessions.



Counseling for staff

Counselling is available for staff through Gary Anderson.