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Our Social Workers


At Spring Hill High School we often draw on the expert knowledge of our qualified social workers to help in protecting our students. The support they offer helps our students to understand their vulnerabilities and how to cope as responsible citizens in the community.




Mohamed Awadin

Social Worker

Qualified 2002

Gemma Gall

Social Worker



As well as Gary Edmunds, our social workers are designated safeguarding leads who support the school by overseeing our children’s safety and well-being. They use their skills and knowledge to assess if any preventative work is needed for students who may experience issues outside of school. They provide the expert knowledge that is needed to help our staff team understand the complex nature of the students’ social context. They stay up to date with what is going on in the local area by making links with other partners such as the police, charities and local safeguarding boards. Gemma Gall works very closely with the National Working Group for Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People (NWG). The school finds her knowledge invaluable for the support of issues around child sexual exploitation.