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Spring Hill High School Acts of Kindness


The Orphanage School Project

Autumn 2015

Dear Spring Hill High School and Thoughts of Others, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your very generous donation to the Orphanage School project. Your money will go a long way to secure a brighter future to many orphans and I couldn’t be more grateful to the PE department and Jim….

Natasha (October 2015)


Jamaica Trench Town Project

Spring hill High School and Thoughts of Others Ltd sponsors a school in Trench Town Jamaica where they make major contributions to teachers’ salaries.


Supporting Stockland Green Community

Autumn 2015

Spring Hill and Thoughts of Others supported the Ward Advisory Board in Stockland Green. Our Managing Director Jim Sullivan, working alongside Mary Kennedy, presented Christmas trees to the Stockland Green Community with messages from the Spring Hill High School students.


Providing Bus Passes to Asylum Seekers

Autumn 2015

Spring Hill High School and Thoughts of Others, provide support to the refugees at St Chad’s Sanctuary by paying over £700, on a monthly basis, to the charity to provide bus passes for these individuals. We also provide repaired second hand bikes, that are donated to the school by the local community, to the refugees which provide individual transport. This takes away the need for bus passses and helps these individuals to attend English and IT classes. This is just one of the many ways SHHS/TOO gives back to the community.


St Chad's Sanctuary Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Autumn Term 2016

St Chad's Sanctuary in Birmingham is a charity which offers support, guidance and resources to asylum seekers and their families. This Christmas the School supported their appeal for shoeboxes filled with much needed items such as toiletries so that Christmas Day was all it should be for people in challenging circumstances. Well done to all of you for donating to such a good cause.


Words 4 Weapons & Birmingham Empowerment Forum Community Awards

Autumn Term 2016

Spring Hill High School and Thoughts of Others were the main sponsors at the Word 4 Weapons & Birmingham Empowerment Forum Community Awards at Aston Villa FC's Villa Park. This is where community leaders, organisations and activists were recognised for their collective roles played in trying to rid our streets of guns and knives in the UK’s first weapons exchange programme.