Frequently Asked Questions

Is your school only for children with behavioural needs?

Spring Hill High School was developed to provide high quality education for young people, with a range of Special Educational Needs, for whom a personalised curriculum would ensure support and enable them to make good progress.

How do I get my child into your school?

Your child would need to have support from the SEN provision in your Local Authority. This would be an assessment from an educational psychologist and a Statement or EHCP which identifies the school as being the most suitable to meet your child’s needs.

Can my child start your school without an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)?

If your child has a Statement and is awaiting an EHCP, the Local Authority can be requested to fund a place.

How long after the school responds to the local authority, and they agree to fund the placement, do I have to wait for my child to start school?

This will depend on the needs of your child and the decision of the Headteacher. Each child is awarded a place on a site compatible for his or her needs, carefully selected to make the placement successful for your child. There is flexibility and discussion will be available for you to work closely with the school to provide the best and most appropriate start date for your child.

Do you arrange home school transport for the students?

The Local Authority is responsible for pupil transport. Sendias will be able to advise you about this.

What are the lunch arrangements?

Lunch is provided on each site. Individual needs are catered for and a packed lunch may be sent from home by agreement with the site Deputy. Pupils are encouraged to use lunch time to practise their social skills but a separate personal space is available if requested.

Are your sites different schools?

Spring Hill High School is ONE school. Sites reflect the cohort of pupils assigned to them, but the whole school gets together for some outings, fund-raising activities, sports day and end of term celebration days.

Are the sites in the same area?

The sites are in Erdington, within an area of about 1 mile of each other.

How are the students placed on the sites?

The student’s needs are assessed and, following a visit to see the school, the Headteacher will listen to your views also. The selection of the site also depends on the risk assessment for your child and the environment each site could provide. Compatibility with the existing student cohort is paramount.

How will I know which site my child will be placed on?

Following the acceptance of a place offered in the school the Headteacher and Deputy of the site will plan the start of school and the induction of your child to the selected site. You may also be offered another visit to the site prior to the actual start day.

How do you manage the behaviours of the children?

The school sees all behaviours as communication. The ethos of the school is to support the student to manage their behaviour in a way that does not disrupt others, does not harm themselves or staff, and builds resilience to anxiety and anger. Responsibility Points which record success, offer rewards, and chart outcomes is a main strand of our behaviour management strategy. Please see the Behaviour policy which explains this in more detail.

Do you do physical interventions?

Physical interventions are always a last resort, and only occur to prevent harm to the young person, or others. Please see our Care and Control policy which outlines the very clear procedures and monitoring that takes place to protect the student.

Is SHHS a therapeutic setting?

Spring Hill High School follows a family/ social model and this is designed to provide a warm supportive environment in which to learn. If therapies are prescribed we identify specialists with whom to work.

Is your school a residential school?

Spring Hill High School is a registered day school.

Does your school offer respite care?

The school does not offer respite care.

Does the school offer the full curriculum at KS3?

The school offers a full curriculum at Key Stage 3.

Do you offer GCSEs?

As each student has a personalised curriculum, the school offers GCSEs across the range of subjects.

Do the students do PE?

We have specialist qualified PE staff and all students are encouraged to participate in PE through the personalised curriculum.

Are the students required to wear a uniform?

A uniform is available and students are encouraged to wear it. It may be adapted if the student has sensory issues. There are no penalties for choosing not to wear it, but positive recognition is given for choosing to wear it.

Are students allowed mobile phones in school?

The use of mobile phone in school is agreed at induction. If it is agreed by parents/carers/social workers that a student needs mobile phone, it must be agreed that if the use of mobile phone by the student disturbs learning or upsets the running of the school, the student will be asked to leave their mobile phone at home.

How often do you inform parents of students’ progress?

A termly report is issued for each student and is part of the end of term celebration day to which parents are invited. Deputies have regular contact with parents via text, phone call or email. This can be daily or weekly according to parental choice.

If you have a general enquiry or wish to request a paper copy of the information on this website, contact General Enquiries below:

General Enquiries

Telephone: 0121 240 0992
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Data Protection

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Telephone: 07511 54419.
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Referral Enquiries

Telephone: 07564 044432
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Out Of Term Time

For all enquiries outside of normal term time, please use the General Enquiries contact information above.


“Staff help pupils to successfully rearrange in education. Pupils benefit from an education that enables them to achieve meaningful qualifications. Pupils feel safe and well looked after Parents say it has turned their children’s lives around and they now come to school happily and want to come every day. Pupils feel safe and well looked after. Pupils learn about relationships as well as keeping themselves physically and mentally healthy”

Ofsted 2022

Our Sites

Spring Hill High school is a unique school that is split across four sites

Spring Hill High School is located approximately five miles (8 kilometres) north east of Birmingham City Centre and two miles (3 kilometres) from Sutton Coldfield.

Wood End Lane School

Wood End Lane

Building confidence so that each student is prepared for transition into further learning, employment or training in the community.
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Orchard Road School

Orchard Road

A  very nurturing environment that helps students to access education.
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Slade Road School

Slade Road

To care, nurture and educate in a safe environment where students find it difficult to cope in groups.
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Hunton Road

Hunton Road

Peer interactions and plenty of encouragement throughout the school day, within group based lessons.
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