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Pupil premium (1 student)




Pupil Premium Plus (1 student)




Birmingham - ESFA (2 students)



Warwickshire - Covid Catch Up funding recovery premium payment (7 students)








Statement of Intent

Our aim is to use government funding to help us achieve and sustain positive outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils alongside our non-disadvantaged pupils. At the heart of our approach is high-quality teaching focussed on areas where disadvantaged pupils require it most, targeted support based on robust diagnostic assessment of need, and helping pupils to access a broad and balanced curriculum.

Although our strategy is focused on the needs of disadvantaged pupils, it will benefit all pupils in our school where funding is spent on whole-school approaches, such as high-quality teaching. Implicit in the intended outcomes detailed below, is the intention that outcomes for non-disadvantaged pupils will be improved alongside progress for their disadvantaged peers.

We will also provide disadvantaged pupils with support to develop independent life and social skills and continue to ensure that high-quality work experience, careers guidance and further and higher education guidance is available to all.

Our strategy will be driven by the needs and strengths of each young person, based on formal and informal assessments, not assumptions or labels. This will help us to ensure that we offer them the relevant skills and experience they require to be prepared for adulthood.




Our assessments, observations and conversations with pupils indicate that disadvantaged pupils often have greater challenges around sexual and gender identity.



Our assessments, observations and discussions with pupils and their families show that disadvantaged pupils generally have greater challenges around communicating and expressing their needs than their peers, including non-verbal, limited language and social interaction difficulties.

Intended Outcomes


Intended Outcomes


Success Criteria

Staff develop a secure understanding of LGBT awareness and how they can support students with questions around the sexual or gender identity.


Staff report confidence in these discussions and show the ability to support all students.

Staff are trained to understand a wide variety of speech, language and communication needs and how to implement strategies to support students.


Through achievement of EHC short term outcomes.

Specific staff are trained in the delivery of the Thrive Programme to support the mental health of all students. Whole school training ensures consistent approaches.

Students can see improvement in their mental health through increased SDQ scores, increased behaviour point retention, improved attendance, and engagement with learning.


Music Therapy delivered to enhance the student’s communication, social, and developmental needs, and to provide opportunities for



The student has shown an improvement in their communication with peers and staff, and shows thorough enjoyment in the sessions.

Activity in this academic year








LGBT Awareness Training – whole school, ½ day.



Staff reported greater understanding and confidence. This leads to greater support for students.


Speech, Language and Communication Needs Training – whole school, ½ day



Staff reported greater understanding and confidence. The Speech and Language Therapist reported an increased level of understanding and engagement from staff, and a wider implementation of strategies for the benefit of all students.


The Thrive Approach Programme.


Licensed Practitioner x 1


Building Emotional Health Practitioner x 2


Leading Emotionally Health School training x 1


Whole School Training, 1 day


Thrive Online Software




The Thrive Approach will take

3-5 years to embed and see full results across the whole school. Stage 1, whole school staff training, SLT training, and practitioner training has increased staff understanding of student mental health and childhood development.



Music Therapy weekly sessions, reports and assessments.



The student appears to have felt comfortable and secure enough to immediately enter into expressive dialogues and his positive response to this environment would indicate that Music Therapy is a beneficial live interaction that can support some of Robert’s strengths and needs whilst also ensuring that he has consistent access to a therapeutic medium. Full report available.







Surplus paid by SHHS





Pupil Premium Benefits

Spring Hill High School is using Pupil Premium Plus to raise achievement and to break down these barriers to learning with a high focus on targeting student’s emotional wellbeing and social interactions.

The pupils who received Pupil Premium Plus, including those pupils who had funds carried over from the previous academic year, have benefited from:

  1. Access to an enrichment curriculum based on their interests which aligned with their aspirations and increased their communication skills and self-esteem.
  2. Music Therapy intervention to support (50% funded by Spring Hill High School)
  3. Purchase of sensory items, e.g. Garden swing.

Pupil Premium PDF Reports

Click on the links below to download the report.

Pupil Premium Report 2022/23

Pupil Premium Report 2021/22

Pupil Premium Report 2019/20

The date of next pupil premium statement is September 2023



“Staff help pupils to successfully rearrange in education. Pupils benefit from an education that enables them to achieve meaningful qualifications. Pupils feel safe and well looked after Parents say it has turned their children’s lives around and they now come to school happily and want to come every day. Pupils feel safe and well looked after. Pupils learn about relationships as well as keeping themselves physically and mentally healthy”

Ofsted 2022

Our Sites

Spring Hill High school is a unique school that is split across four sites

Spring Hill High School is located approximately five miles (8 kilometres) north east of Birmingham City Centre and two miles (3 kilometres) from Sutton Coldfield.

Wood End Lane School

Wood End Lane

Building confidence so that each student is prepared for transition into further learning, employment or training in the community.
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Orchard Road School

Orchard Road

A  very nurturing environment that helps students to access education.
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Slade Road School

Slade Road

To care, nurture and educate in a safe environment where students find it difficult to cope in groups.
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Hunton Road

Hunton Road

Peer interactions and plenty of encouragement throughout the school day, within group based lessons.
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