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Spring Hill High School can report another excellent set of GCSE results for the last academic year. These results are set in a context where many of our students struggle to sit exams because of a fear of failure, and their lack of confidence, due to vast gaps in their knowledge from Key Stage 2 and 3.

Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said that you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

Examination Results 2022

School Performance Tables

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Student Destinations
(School Evaluation Plan)

Student Destinations 2021/2022
Pupils moving on from Year 11 - 6
Further Education College - 17%
Spring Hill High School Post-16 - 50%
Specialist College - 33%
Pre-Apprenticeship - 0%
NEET - 0%

Student Destinations 2020/2021
Pupils moving on from Year 11 - 16
Further Education College - 8.3%
Spring Hill High School Post-16 - 50%
Specialist College - 25%
Prince’s Trust - 8.3%
NEET - 8.3%

Student Destinations 2019/2020
Pupils moving on from Year 11 - 16
Further Education College - 18.75%
Spring Hill High School Post-16 - 62.5%
Specialist College - 6.25%
Prince’s Trust - 6.25%
NEET - 6.25%


“Staff help pupils to successfully rearrange in education. Pupils benefit from an education that enables them to achieve meaningful qualifications. Pupils feel safe and well looked after Parents say it has turned their children’s lives around and they now come to school happily and want to come every day. Pupils feel safe and well looked after. Pupils learn about relationships as well as keeping themselves physically and mentally healthy”

Ofsted 2022


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Our Sites

Spring Hill High school is a unique school that is split across four sites

Spring Hill High School is located approximately five miles (8 kilometres) north east of Birmingham City Centre and two miles (3 kilometres) from Sutton Coldfield.

Wood End Lane School

Wood End Lane

Building confidence so that each student is prepared for transition into further learning, employment or training in the community.
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Orchard Road School

Orchard Road

A  very nurturing environment that helps students to access education.
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Slade Road School

Slade Road

To care, nurture and educate in a safe environment where students find it difficult to cope in groups.
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Hunton Road

Hunton Road

Peer interactions and plenty of encouragement throughout the school day, within group based lessons.
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