Our Classes

Education ToolsAt Spring Hill High School, classes are organised for students to be taught in a personalised safe space. Classes are organised for either one to one teaching or small groups. One to one teaching and small groups enable students to develop trust in the staff and each other so that the behaviours that are preventing their progress in learning are diminished and more positive behaviours are practised.

1:1 Learning

One to one teaching in the Spring Hill High School context means the student is taught in their own classroom by a teacher without the distraction of any other student. For some students, their risk assessment allows for extra support in the form of an Educational Support Assistant (ESA).

One to one teaching is done on all sites including our post 16 site. On sites where one to one teaching is mostly predominant, peer interaction is encouraged at break and lunchtime depending on risk assessment.

Small Group Learning

Opportunities are available in our school for students to access learning in small groups. Where this is the case, the group size consists of no more than five students and there is always a safe space for students to withdraw to, when they feel that they cannot manage and when staff believe that their behaviour is impacting on the learning of others. The groups are heavily supported by staff.

Learning in PE Lessons

Most PE lessons are organised in groups based on an initial assessment by the PE department. Where students cannot access group PE, because of their risk assessment PE is taught following their personalised PE plan in their one to one arrangement.


“Pupils are supported by an external careers advisor who helps them to identify clear goals, career choices and associated career paths.”

Ofsted 2018