Spring Hill High is an Independent, Special School for male and female students between the age of 11 -19. It is a specialist provision for students with Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH).

PAN Number: Our school is registered to have fifty students on roll.

We are open to children of all religions and cultures. The school would expect that all students referred for admission would have severe or complex social, emotional, social needs. In addition, other students may have additional needs that are related to autism and mental health.

Admissions arrangements for disabled students may be found in our Accessibility Plan (see Pupil Policies in the website footer)

The only entry to the school is based on Local Authority referrals. Admission is via an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) in all but exceptional circumstances.

Making an informed decision - an opportunity to see our school in action

  • If you have not yet visited our school, please contact Celia' (Heads PA) on 0121 2400 992 or email [email protected] to arrange for a tour with the headteacher. We will be very pleased to show you our school in action.

Expressing preference

  • If you have a preference for our school you must contact the local authority, who will consult with the school on your behalf.
  • The local authority will consult with the school’s admissions panel, before naming the school in your child’s EHCP.

The school’s formal response to the local authority

  • In accordance with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2001, the school will make a formal response to the local authority within 15 working days of the consultation date, unless the time period falls within a school holiday that is longer than two weeks.
  • Due to the severe complexities of our potential students, we sometimes have to ask for extra information so that we can do the necessary risk assessment that will help us to decide whether we are the correct provision for your child. Our formal response to the local authority is dependent on how quickly we receive information from various agencies.
  • If the school can meet the needs of your child, the school will forward to the local authority a formal response which takes the form of a risk assessment and proposal.
  • The school then awaits a final response from the local authority.

Formal confirmation from the local authority that your child has a place at Spring Hill High School

  • Once the school received formal confirmation from the local authority that your child’s placement in the school has been agreed, the school will send a letter of congratulation as well as an induction pack to you, the parents/carer.
  • The start date, name of school site your child will attend and name of the deputy that will be looking after your child will be identified in the congratulatory letter.
  • The letter will invite you to a formal meeting with your child’s site deputy as part of the induction process.
  • Please note that an adult with legal responsibility must be present at this initial meeting.

“Prior to joining the school, many pupils have experience multiple placement breakdowns. Leaders and staff work hard to build positive trusting relationships with their pupils which help pupils to settle quickly."

Ofsted 2018


“Staff help pupils to successfully rearrange in education. Pupils benefit from an education that enables them to achieve meaningful qualifications. Pupils feel safe and well looked after Parents say it has turned their children’s lives around and they now come to school happily and want to come every day. Pupils feel safe and well looked after. Pupils learn about relationships as well as keeping themselves physically and mentally healthy”

Ofsted 2022

Spring Hill High school is a unique school that is split across three sites

Spring Hill High School is located approximately five miles (8 kilometres) north east of Birmingham City Centre and two miles (3 kilometres) from Sutton Coldfield.

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