Meet Our Team

Meet our exceptionally talented and experienced team.

With a wealth of experience, we've got a well-seasoned team at Spring Hill High School.

Gary Edmunds


Barbara Scrivens

Governance, Safeguarding, SEND, Curriculum, Behaviour and more

Lee Baillie

Finance & Maintenance of Development of Estates

Paul Cornick

Pay and Appraisal, Business Development, Staffing and more

Sean McGowran

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Julie Washington

Impartial Careers Adviser

Abigail Stain

Music Therapist

Amber Weir

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Personal Development Coordinator

Arron Hazelwood

Head of Site Wood End Lane

Portrait Placeholder

Mindfulness in Schools Project (MISP) Lead

Mark Daly

Staff & Pupil Wellbeing, Parents and Community

Mangalpreet Singh

Health & Safety, Administration, Equality and Diversity

Nathan Satterthwaite

Head of Orchard Road

Jessica Purewal

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Quality of Education

Leah Bodin

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Attendance Champion

Portrait Placeholder

Head of Hunton Road

Richard Squires

Head of Slade Road


“Staff help pupils to successfully rearrange in education. Pupils benefit from an education that enables them to achieve meaningful qualifications. Pupils feel safe and well looked after Parents say it has turned their children’s lives around and they now come to school happily and want to come every day. Pupils feel safe and well looked after. Pupils learn about relationships as well as keeping themselves physically and mentally healthy”

Ofsted 2022